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Pre purchase inspection

  • 1 h
  • 99 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

For a pre-purchase auto inspection of a Toyota Prius, in addition to the above, the inspection may also include: Battery and electrical system check: The hybrid battery pack and electrical components of the vehicle will be examined to ensure they are working correctly. Hybrid system check: The mechanic will check the car's hybrid system for any error codes and confirm that it's operating efficiently. Brake system check: The braking system will be checked for wear and tear, and the regenerative braking system will be inspected to ensure it's functioning correctly. Suspension and steering check: The suspension and steering system will be inspected for any signs of damage or wear, which may indicate potential safety issues. Road test: A test drive will be performed to assess the car's overall performance and handling. This includes checking the acceleration, braking, steering, and transmission shifting. Undercarriage inspection: The mechanic will examine the undercarriage for any damage, leaks, or rust that may impact the vehicle's safety and reliability. Fluids and filters check: The oil, coolant, and other fluids will be checked to make sure they're at the correct levels and are clean. The exact inspection procedures may vary depending on the mechanic or inspection service performing the service, but the above items are usually included in a pre-purchase auto inspection of a Toyota Prius

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